NHS Friends and Family Test
FeedbackMatters and ICM Research have recently announced that they will work together to help NHS Trusts handle the complex and demanding needs of the Friends and Family Test. By combining FeedbackMatters’ unique technology and patient-focussed branding with ICM’s research expertise, we’re offering a solution that is fully compliant with the Department of Health’s implementation guidance and at a lower cost than traditional surveying.

We do this by using the multi-channel FeedbackMatters solution, conceived and developed by a former-NHS team, which allows patient feedback to be gathered securely online, via kiosks/handhelds (even via devices purchased from other suppliers), SMS, and on paper before being seamlessly collated and reported. For the Friends and Family Test, the FeedbackMatters system allows patients to respond by entering single-use FeedbackNumbers (eliminating accidental or deliberate multiple voting in a way that few, if any, other systems do). We also do this without:

• The need for direct links to your systems and/or the installation of additional software;
• Using patient identifiable data;
• Publishing patient responses online: we offer a data collection, not a rating, service.

Our FFT solution has also been designed with practicality in mind. As a result, we’ve paid attention to simplifying the practical day-to-day operational impact of the test and avoiding passing hidden work or costs to Trusts. We even help you drive up response rates.

The partnership also allows NHS organisations to build on the “core” Friends and Family Test question by supplementing this with bespoke questions developed exclusively for your organisation by ICM. These questions, which can explore issues relevant to your own Trust’s priorities, can then be asked to all relevant patients via FeedbackMatters – with results provided in real-time.

Extending and integrating Trust-wide surveying activities with FFT data collection in this way allows NHS Trusts to increase the volume and depth of feedback that can be collected – safe in the knowledge that FeedbackMatters unique systems allow this to take place across multiple data channels, automatically coded to each ward, and in a way that resists “gaming” attempts.

For further details about how FeedbackMatters and ICM Research can help your organisation increase the scope and impact of your feedback exercises (often at little or no extra cost) please contact:

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