Half of snowboarders don't have travel insurance

19th Nov 2012

Half of snowboarders don't have travel insurance

Steve Ogborn

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Recent research by ICM showed some interesting insights into how people going skiing or snowboarding prepare for their trip.

37% of those going on such a holiday have not arranged any insurance for their trip, a number that is significantly higher amongst snowboarders (48%) than skiiers (34%). More surprising was that the number planning on getting insurance declined amongst more junior skiiers and those going for the first time. One would expect the opposite to be the case and that first time would be more prepared for their holiday – the fact that it isn’t suggesting that the new generation of skiiers are approaching the activity with a slightly more relaxed attitude to the dangers it poses.

That said, in terms of preparation this research showed that the majority of skiiers, new and old alike, aim to practise at least a few times on dry ski slopes before going away (just 8% saying they will definitely not do so). What’s more 64% of those going on a winter sports holiday aimed to do some additional exercise before going and amongst those who weren’t, the primary reason was they already do enough! So it seems that whilst attitudes towards winter travel insurance are not universally shared, most people are planning to prepare physically for the excursion.

Sample interviewed:
500 adults (over 18) going on a holiday before Sep 2013 where the primary activity was skiing or snowboarding

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