Guardian Poll January 2013
The latest Guardian/ICM poll shows a narrowing of the Labour lead to 5-points from 8-points in each of the last three months, as David Cameron’s statesmanlike performances over the Algeria hostage crisis have seen him dominate the news agenda over the fieldwork period. His party are up 1% on the final month of last year, with Labour down 2-points. The ‘other’ parties have also fallen back from their record high of 16% last month; now standing on a collective 14% with UKIP on 6% share.

The full numbers for this month are:

Conservative 33% (+1)
Labour 38% (-2)
LD 15% (+2)
Others 14% (-2)

In the only other question asked this month, the public appear to be concerned about the extent to which George Osborne’s money saving measures on social security benefits will impact on society’s most needy. One in three (36%) think it fair that so-called ‘skivers’ should be squeezed as people in work are also suffering, while 58% take the opposite view – that it’s unfair to hit the poorest member so society.

There is a clear party support pattern associated with this. Conservative voters (64%) very much think it’s necessary to crack down on welfare payments, while only 37% of Liberal Democrat supporters, and 18% of Labour’s vote think this should be the case. UKIP supporters line up just to right of Conservatives, with 65% agreeing that ‘skivers’ should be most.

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